business loan broker

How to Become a Business Loan Broker and Build a $30K-$40K per month business

Today we have a member from my community, Business Lending Blueprint. He joined a while ago, Greg was working with our support team. We provide lifetime support to every member in the community, and then as they were chatting, the numbers came up and we noticed that he’s been killing it. So we have a lot of silent players like Greg

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Blueprint program review

Business Lending Blueprint Review – Dominique’s story

Here is what Chris had to say about Business Lending Blueprint and how to start your own business from home as a business loan broker; My name’s Chris Alvis. My company’s name is QuickSnap Capital. I’ve been in this business for probably, maybe eight or nine months, maybe a year. I got in with one lender, and after a while I struggled. I struggle because at one lender, no marketing plan, nothing.

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home based business in financial services

Business Lending Blueprint Review – Dominique’s story

Find out more at Here is what Dominique had to say about the Blueprint and Oz’s program; my name is Dominique. My company name is Lynn Halo and I’m located in Miami Beach, Florida.

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experience as A Business Loan Broker

Business Lending Blueprint – Tony Rashad’s experience as A Business Loan Broker

Tony had a separate business when he joined Business Lending Blueprint. Therefore he wanted to build this business on a part time basis and also work from home. He learned about various products that he didn’t have any experience or expertise on and started closing deals

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Becoming A Business Loan Broker

Business Lending Blueprint – Scott’s Testimonial on Oz and Becoming A Business Loan Broker

Hey, this is Scott. I’m doing a testimonial on the Business Lending Blueprint. I absolutely love the program. I think it’s just an incredible value. The content, Blueprint itself is just packed with important information on how to start this business, and everything is extremely relevant.

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Business Lending Blueprint – How Ray Scaled as a Business Loan Broker

Start Your Own BusinessJOIN THE REVOLUTION Ray: Hey, my name is Ray, I’m with Hudson Financial and I’m a member of Oz’s Blueprint. The Blueprint has been pivotal in helping me understand what additional products and services through product knowledge I’m able to provide my clients. It’s also helped me personally uncover my value proposition…

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business loan broker

From $0 to $110K in 6 months as a business loan broker

Oz Konar: Hey everyone. Oz Konar here with Business Lending Blueprint. I have a member from the Blueprint community and a good friend, Josh. How are you doing buddy?
Josh: What’s going on, Oz?

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blueprint new member success

Business Lending Blueprint Review By Luisa

Hey, everyone. Oz Konar here with Business Lending Blueprint. I am today interviewing another guest of mine. She’s a member of the Business Lending Blueprint, fairly recently, she started recently, and we’re going to get into her experience. But I wanted to bring her on because a lot of the members we interview usually have been in Blueprint for a while.

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partial lender

How Nick Transformed His Business As Business Loan Broker – Part 2

Hey everyone, Oz Konar here with Business Lending Blueprint. So today I wanted to give you a testimonial from one of our veteran students who’ve been in our community for a long time. But I actually did interview him when he first started.

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Successful Business Loan Broker

Business Lending Blueprint Review – James As Business Loan Broker

Hey everyone, Oz Konar here with Business Lending Blueprint. I have an amazing guest here today with me, James, who is a part of my community, he’s one of the members of the Business Lending Blueprint. He’s been having a lot of success and I want to get to know them more.

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Business Loan Broker

Business Lending Blueprint Review Steven’s story as a Business Loan Broker

Hey guys. Good morning. My name is Stevie Castillo with Giftstone Capital. I’m currently a member. Just signed up a couple of weeks ago. Putting the system together still. Extremely excited. One of the reasons why I decided to join was because I was working with a merchant cash advance company, and I saw that I was doing most of the heavy lifting.

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Business Lending Blueprint Review Patrick’s story

Hi there. Patrick here, owner/founder of Coastal Funding Group and current member of the BLB Program. I just wanted to throw a quick video together to share my personal experiences with the program with you in hopes of helping you along your decision process.

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Recession Proof Online Business

Building A Recession Proof Online Business – Interview with a Canadian Member

Oz Konar:
Hey everyone, Oz Ko and RJ with Business Lending Blueprint. I have other valuable guests here. One of the key members of our community, George with me. Hey George, how’s it going?
George Glumac:
I’m fantastic. Thanks for having me.

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confidence builds trust

Business Lending Blueprint – Jason’s $40,000 per month business from a humble beginning.

Oz Konar:Hey everyone, Oz Konar here with… This is Lending Blueprints. I have another valuable guest here, Jason. Hey Jason, how’s it going, buddy?
Jason:I’m going good. Going good.

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community of businessmen

Business Lending Blueprint – Canada – Marc’s review- Community of Businessmen

Hey, my name is Marc Andre Coolam. My business is [foreign language 00:00:07]. I’m in the French part of Canada in Quebec, currently a member of OZ Blueprint program. I want to shoot this video to share my experience with the Blueprint so far.

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equipment funding

Business Lending Blueprint Review – Michelle’s story

Hello there, it’s Michelle Miller of Shell Capital Fund. Recording this video, as a current member of Oz’s Merchant Cash Advance. It’s a very comprehensive program, we’ll give you all the steps that you’re going to need to get going and to be successful in the business funding arena.

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loan broker from home

From Selling Cars to Making $23,000 from one deal -Loan Broker From Home

– Hey everyone, this is Oz Konar. I am with one of my value members, Amir here today. He’s my guest on my channel. Hey man, how’s it going? – I’m doing well, what about you? – I’m doing great, thanks so much. So thank you for making yourself available. I know we’re all going…

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Business Loan Broker

Business Lending Blueprint Review – Oz Konar – Business Loan Broker

Hey everyone. It’s Ryan Allison here with Allison Capital. I just wanted to shoot a quick video here. I’m part of Oz’s blueprint program. Just kind of wanted to share some of my stories that have happened with being involved in the program so far. My background is in real estate. I actually had just…

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make millions as a Business loan Broker

How my students make millions as a Business loan Broker

Listen, if you allow me, I want to take a moment to show you my students make millions as a Business loan Broker and how much our members are making by running their own businesses. This $300 billion industry that’s available to United States, Canada, and a couple of other countries out there, that pays…

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Oz's program is legit

“Oz’s program is legit” Business Loan Broker Review- Guevera’s 2nd Testimonial – His Progress as A Business Loan Broker

I’m just here to talk about Oz’s program. I’m just here to let everybody know that Oz’s program is legit, it’s 100% and the program actually works. As long as you follow the program step-by-step, you will see results.

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Oz Konar Reviews

Oz Konar Review – Business Lending Blueprint – Alfredo’s story

Hello there. My name is Alfredo Montavo with Ink financial. Currently a member of the Blueprint Program. And I wanted to share my experience so far. Originally when I joined the program, a friend of mine in the same industry joined

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Oz Blueprint Reviews

Oz Blueprint Reviews -Lina’s story

Hello, my name is Lena O’Day with O’Day funding and I’m a member of Oz’s blueprint program. And I wanted to make a video today to tell you about my experience with the blueprint program.

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supplemental income

“Supplemental income” – Business Lending Blueprint Review Alex’s story

Over the past year, I’ve had roughly $20,000 in fundings and commissions that have just supplemented the income that I have. And I only do it maybe two hours a night for three to four days a week, and at my own leisure.

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funded four deals

“Funded four deals” – Carolyn’s Business Lending Blueprint Review

Hey guys, happy Tuesday. So I wanted to record this short video. The name of my business is Lending Stop. I’ve funded four deals now, I don’t fund them directly. I partnered with a few people in the group that have been funding for me.

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Steady Growth

“Steady Growth” – Oz Konar Reviews by Daniel

So once I purchased the course or really, rather than having, $20000 to, $30,000 months here and there, and then dipping for a month or two, I mean, it’s pretty much steady now, , $30,000 each and every month.

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Boss Life

“Boss Life” – Having your own office – Edward’s story

I funded a few deals on my own. I joined the Blueprint due to a lack of leads and minimal budget. Little did I know when joining the Blueprint I would become part of a family.

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Oz's MCA Success Blueprint

Joined Oz’s MCA Success Blueprint to learn how to help – Review from Jennifer

I wanted to shoot this video to share my experience with the Blueprint so far. Originally I joined the Blueprint as a learning curve for marketing. I didn’t do this for the money.

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foundation for growing my business

“Foundation for growing my business” – Oguz Konar Review Review by John

I had called my CPA to ask if he had any clients that needed funding a few days later he sent me a client that I placed a $180,000 MCA for and got a $16,000 commission.

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revenue in first four days

“Revenue in first four days” – Business Lending Blueprint Review – Robert’s story

Before I came into this industry, I had nothing. Now I have a business. I’ve made revenue literally my first four days, I remember making $2,000 in four days. You know, that was crazy.

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personal success story

“Create your personal success story” -Review by Abe and Sergio

Abe and Sergio are 2 recent college graduates who started their business in the college library telemarketing and cold calling businesses. When I met them, they were making $1000 on average per month

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Business Loan Broker

“Become a Business Loan Broker” – Review – Tommy’s story

Start your own business, be your own boss and defeat your job. “Hi, my name is Tommy. I’m part of Oz Blueprint program. When I was starting out loan brokering, one of the biggest challenges I had was just getting enough leads

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medical funding industry

Business Lending Blueprint Review Elisabeta’s story

I received a $50,000 commission check from my medical funding industry because I applied the same knowledge the same structure the same information that I received in the blueprint in my primary business

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becoming an entrepreneur

How Jacqueline Made over $8000 and Quit Her Job After 1 month

Everyone we have Jacque here with me today. She’s one of our successful students within the program and she has an amazing story, and I wanted to bring her on to ask her some questions so you guys can get your questions answered

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Oguz Konar Review

Oguz Konar Review – How Mike is building his dream business

Mike recently joined the program and you’re having a lot of success and so far I think you’re really active in the program. What would you say about the training that I put together to someone who might not really know about it yet?

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Working From Home

Oz Blueprint Reviews – How Danny Made $5500 Working From Home

Danny, he’s a perfect example of that. So Danny if you can take a minute to introduce us who you are and what you have been doing, and how you decided to start your merchant cash advance, or alternative lending business.

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advanced level strategies

Oz Blueprint Reviews – $25,000 per month working from Home

My name is Canton. So I joined the program back in May of 2018 so about five months ago, late May. Prior to the program I was working in banking for about three or four years. Quit that, started my own eCommerce business and I still have that today.

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startup cost is very low

“Startup cost is very low” – Review by Kyle From New York

Hello everybody. My name is Kyle Seevak. I’m here in New York City. Been living here for about the last three years or so. I’ve been in the Merchant Cash Advance Success Blueprint for probably the last four or five weeks.

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3 weeks to start getting leads

“3 weeks to start getting leads” – Stephane From New York

I have another member of mine within the community of our Success Blueprint program and I wanted to bring him in because I recently had a chance to meet him in person because we have a ton of members in our community

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Business Loan Broker

$40,000 per month As Business Loan Broker

On a good month, I try to do at least three deals a week for my construction. On average, there are about 2,500 on the low end. Sometimes it can be huge deals, but that’s just for small regular fix and flips

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Side Business

Business Loan Broker Success Story-Sebastian’s Side Business

I am doing another member interview within my Business Lending Blueprint community. I am with a very special guest here. This member in our community has been really successful.

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seven figure club

$45,000 in One Day and Over $300,000 in 90 Days- Seven Figure Club

I’m with another member of my community. So, Adam and I have been on the phone for like, I don’t know, how long have we been talking Adam? Like 40 minutes or so? 30, 40 minutes?

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revenue generating activity

Business Lending Blueprint Review – Dora

She’s having success and I wanted to get to know her a little bit more and while I’m doing that, I wanted you guys to get to know her and see what it looks like to succeed in this industry.

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cash advance clients

Oz Konar Reviews: Interview with Kevin

Kevin is a part of my community and has been having massive success recently. I wanted to bring him on so I can get to know him a little more together with you guys

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owning your own business

“Owning your own business” – Bernie’s $90,000 Week

Bernie’s schedule has been crazy busy in a good way and same as mine. But I thank you Bernie. I know we’ve been going through a ton of stuff that we’re going to be talking about.

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six figure home based business

Business Lending Blueprint Review- Subina’s six figure home based business in 2 months.

I wanted to bring her on because she’s been having killer success recently. I know everyone wants to know how to be successful, how to grow the business, how to make more money.

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Blueprint program

Business Lending Blueprint program Review – 2 College Graduates built their dream business – Oz Konar

We were chit chatting before we started the recording, so I was trying to get to know them a little more. They’ve been in my community for a while

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commission in 2 days

Business Lending Blueprint Review- Recardo’s $8000 commission in 2 days

All right everyone Oz here and we are doing another interview with one of my members. I have Ricardo here who recently started out with my program.

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much better lifestyle

Business Lending Blueprint Review – Star – “Wanted a much better lifestyle”

Star is, while she’s a true star, she does many things. She joined my program I think a little more than a month ago and she is a ball of energy.

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Oz Blueprint Program

X-Ray Technician’s Journey to Success with the Oz Blueprint Program

So I wanted to bring Nick on as he recently joined my Blueprint. He’s super energetic as you guys will find out soon and he’s full of passion and you can feel that.

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industry veteran

Business Lending Blueprint Review- Cheryl, industry veteran

Cheryl and I have known each other for a while now and we’ve been trying to schedule this call for a while, but her schedule is crazy. My schedule is crazy. With the holiday season, we finally made it happen.

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start my own company

“Waned to start my own company”-Oz Blueprint Program review- Eddie Nu Funding

I have one of my members here, Eddie, from Nu Capital Funding. How are you doing Eddie? Eddie: I’m good, man. I’m good. I’m definitely honored to be here.

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started in sales

Ex-Firefighter Makes $6000 in 2 weeks working from home – Rick Davis

Let’s just get started right away. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself, even prior to the training, what you’ve been doing and what’s your experience, either in the corporate or business world?

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real business from home

Business Lending Blueprint – Real business from home -Review by Robert

I have Robert here who had major success in a short amount of time after joining the program. And I thought you guys would benefit from hearing from others who came from different paths and they’re succeeding.

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funded a bunch of deals

Business Lending Blueprint Review-2nd Interview with Lawrence

I have one of my members, Lawrence, here for, I guess, take two or volume number two. He did the first interview. I interview him about maybe a month and a half ago. Is that, how long has it been Lawrence?

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Is Oz Konar Scam?

“Is Oz Konar Scam?” – How Lawrence Went From $0 To $14,000 in 3 Weeks Working From Home

Lawrence recently sign up to my program Merchant Cash Advance Success Blueprint, and has been having massive success. I wanted to bring him on and have him shared with us his journey

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generate more money

“I wanted to generate more money”- Guevara works from home

I met Guerara Raymond a couple of months ago and I wanted to bring him on because he’s having great success, but also he was one of the most skeptical people before he joined the journey.

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