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Hey, my name is Ray, I’m with Hudson Financial and I’m a member of Oz’s Blueprint. The Blueprint has been pivotal in helping me understand what additional products and services through product knowledge I’m able to provide my clients. It’s also helped me personally uncover my value proposition statement for my clients and understand who my clients are with more depth and more clarity.
Through the Blueprint training, product training, knowledge modules, I have been able to uncover opportunities, also leveraging LinkedIn and other techniques. It’s been just invaluable in me being able to identify organic leads for my business. I’ve been able to source new clients because of how I’ve applied these organic and social selling techniques provided by Oz in the Blueprint.
Also through learning from other Blueprint members on the Facebook group. It’s been really just instrumental in being able to have a group that you can rely on for additional information and support. I use it on a daily basis.
Sometimes I find myself circling back to certain modules to get a refresher on things, and there’s constantly new content and new knowledge being provided through the weekly calls. So anyone who’s on the fence about joining the Blueprint, if you want to scale your business, as was the case with myself, I was trying to find a way of how to grow my business, how to differentiate myself. I was able to achieve that through the Blueprint and anyone who’s on the fence, I would tell you no questions about it. Don’t even think about it. It’s totally worth it. Thanks, bye.

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