Oz (Oguz) Konar is a multiple seven figure business owner and consultant to thousands of individuals, helping them create and design their dream lives through building successful businesses

Oz is regularly featured on publications such as Entrepreneur and Huffington Post. He’s also the author of 2 books and speaks at national and international events several times a year.

His training programs are responsible from creating multiple 6 and 7 figure earners and helped countless people quit their jobs and become hyper profitable entrepreneurs.

Oz Konar’s Blueprint Story

Right after college, I noticed that the dream of landing a solid job that would pay me a six figure salary, just because I have a college diploma was a total illusion and I really had no real skills to be hired by anyone. 

 Once I accepted that reality, I found a job at a restaurant as a busboy that turned into me doing everything from washing dishes, to cooking, to busing and also serving tables for the next 4 years. Since that wasn’t paying enough to make a living, I found a side sales job, that was 100% commission and required me to cold call all day and whenever I had free time, I was required to telemarket in my car.

Then I met my wife. Soon after we met, we got married and moved into my parent’s basement since I couldn’t afford to pay rent on my own. 

My next sales job had an actual office that required me to show up every morning. I had my own cubicle and I was responsible from doing outside cold calling 3 days of the week and do telemarketing for the remaining days. When telemarketing, on average I was calling 250-300 people per day non stop. (That’s not fun at all, in case you were wondering) 

Those were the years of constant grind and hustle just to survive. But as I climbed the latter of the corporate world, I started making more and more money. 

I finally got a job as a sales consultant in NYC, had a nice office with view and was making over 6 figures selling Financial services products such as MCA, credit cards and other financing options. I honestly thought that I am finally becoming something and all those year of sacrifice was finally paying off. I was working 60-70 hours a week, usually sleep deprived, living off of caffeine, just to make a decent living.

First Epiphany

My first epiphany was when I was on the phone with my wife one day and sharing with her how great of a sales week we had and how much commission I could potentially be making at the end of the month if all goes well, and she asked me a very profound question that took me out of my bubble and brought me back to reality; 

She asked if we will ever be able to have dinner together again….

Until that time, I thought I was doing what everyone does, just work hard, get a good job and make money. Yet I totally forgot the possibility that it might not be the right recipe for a better life. 

I also have come to the realization of what they were doing to me all those years. Everytime you reach a new level of success at your job, you get more responsibilities, higher quotas more work and less time for yourself so you forget what life is really about. 

At that moment I decided that I need to be in business for myself, I need to get out of this vicious cycle and claim my life for the first time. 

Soon after this event, I started my research to decide on a business to start.  I started my first business after investing into 3 separate training/coaching programs to learn about online marketing. 

I started a marketing agency working with local businesses while I still held my full time job. 

Over time, I realised how important it is to focus on one market only instead of trying to please everyone. I decided to go back to my roots and started doing marketing for Merchant Cash Advance and Alternative lending companies.

First Business Success

In a short amount of time, my company gained popularity within the industry because of the massive results we were getting for our clients. We rented an office in NYC and started hiring more people; 

Some clients have seen over 25% increases on sales and funded deals, and others literally shut down their overseas telemarketing operations since our inbound advertising campaigns were doing so well for them, that they didn’t need telemarketers. 

Because of this success, more and more people became aware of our presence online and began reaching out to work with us. 

But there was a problem, almost all of the individuals who wanted to get into Alternative Lending industry was asking about purchasing leads, buying live transfers and getting aged data from us. 

To me that didn’t make sense since I knew from personal experience that, telemarketing, cold calling and relying on used data to start and grow a business lending firm was a waste of very valuable time and resources. 

Why ? Because all they would be doing is reaching out to people who had been called by 1000 other people before and telemarket your heart out to get some real leads (not a fun process) 

Also why try to convince someone to buy your product, who might not even be interested in it, when you can have a hot customer find and come to ask you to help them with their business funding?, which is what we had been doing for our marketing agency clients. 

Release of the Blueprint Program

Once I noticed that hundreds of people were reaching out to us to learn more about this industry and wanting to be a business loan broker but lacked the funds to hire a marketing agency like us, I thought it was time to share more than a decade of experience I have,showing motivated individuals how to become a Business Loan Broker even if they have no prior sales, marketing or business experience. 

First version of the Blueprint was named Merchant Cash Advance Success Blueprint and turned into a massive success in just one year and helped countless people experience massive shift and change in their lives. 

We have built the best training and the strongest community this industry has ever seen. 

The Blueprint became an symbol of building this business on great principles, on a solid foundation following an ethical and consultative process to become hyper profitable in a short amount. 

We had 100s of students shared their positive feedback and shared their story of success. 

See them Here

Today we have members in 11 countries and we released the Blueprint 2.0 called Business Lending Blueprint and made it the most comprehensive success guide in the Alternative Lending Industry. 

As for me, yes I get to have dinner with my wife and spend quality time with my 2 kids and our dog Tofu. And I am honored to show others how to do the same. 

Join the Revolution now.