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Whether you are just starting your entrepreneurial journey or already on your way to building your six and seven figure business, there is a program for you to put things on fast track and avoid the trial and error approach. Don’t build it without a Blueprint!

Business Lending Blueprint

Step by step training to go from $0 to $25,000+ per month

By being a business loan broker. 

  • No expertise, No experience needed,
  • Work from home or office,
  • No overhead,
  • No telemarketing or cold calling,
  • Have access to lenders,
  • Be your own boss,
  • Can be built on part time basis.,
  • Access to multiple lending products.

7 Figure Broker Blueprint

Looking to build a 7 figure loan broker firm? 

You can’t build one through luck or just hard work alone. 

You need Step by Step coaching and training on

  • How to grow and scale,
  • How to hire and train,
  • Build the right systems and metrics,
  • Set up your own lead generation machines
  • Have access to unlimited amount of potential leads
  • Build a legacy business that you can sell later
  • One on one training done by Oz.

Business Lending Mastermind

Meet Oz in one of his “Million Dollar Room”  mastermind events 

  • 2 Full days of Hands-On Training
  • No fluff but all revenue generating secrets
  • Learn how to become #1 in Your Market
  • Excel with the most cutting edge strategies
  • Only for those who are ready for an intense working environment to get your business off the ground and to soaring fast.  

Oz has recently been interviewed and featured by Entrepreneur Magazine

Here is how it works

At Business Lending Blueprint we provide everything you need to become a successful business loan broker, most importantly how to be a professional business owner

Battle Tested System

Hundreds of members recommending our Blueprint can’t all be wrong. If you are serious about making a transformation in your life or in business, you need a plan that simply works. The Blueprint system is not based on trial or error, it’s based on thousands of hours of experience and is responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. 

Expert Mentorship

We will never drop you into a training without any help or support.
Get 24/7 access to our six and seven figure experts in our Facebook group, weekly Q&A calls and our internal support team with whatever you need to grow your business.

Blueprint Community

Most of our members state that the community alone was worth more than the investment. You can’t expect to experience massive positive change without changing your environment and your support group. In our community you have access to hundreds of people who were where you are right now and ready to give you a hand to help you grow and prosper.

Resources At Your Fingertips

Access to actual Lenders, 10+ lending options you can offer to your customers, a true consultant’s approach to getting more sales, lead generation systems that brings you hot leads on demand, 24/7 access to the training platform, and most importantly a true working plan to start funding deals and generating revenue.

Massive Action = Massive Results

We only care about the real business metrics

Customers, Commissions, Revenue, Growth

See what hundreds of our students said about our programs. 

(33% of the reviews used the word “AMAZING”)


Massive Action = Massive Results

We only care about the real business metrics

Customers, Commissions, Revenue, Growth

See what hundreds of our students said about our programs. 

(33% of the reviews used the word “AMAZING”)


Learn the way that best suits you

Learn anytime, anywhere and whatever way you like with multiple training formats.

All courses come with online, social, live and simulated material.

24/7 online

Have your own login details to access the training material, anytime, anywhere, without downloading a software or needing special equipment. 

Content is in both video and written downloadable documentation. That way, we’ve got you covered regardless of your learning style. 

Our community

How would it feel to have access to 100s of experts who are ready to give you the support you need when you are building your own business? That’s just what happens in our Blueprint community. 

Weekly Q and A

Get personalized mentorship from Oz to troubleshoot your challenges and get the direction you need. A true mentor is the one who can tell the truth no matter what to get you on the right track. 

You will have your instructions to join a weekly Q and A session with Oz. All calls are recorded and you also will have access to the past call recordings.


Our 2 day intensive masterminds are known to cause massive paradigm shifts in student’s thinking and decision making in terms of growing and scaling their business with proven methods and strategies. A game changer for those who are in this to build a massive organization.  

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