Frequently Asked Questions

What is Business Lending Blueprint?

Business Lending Blueprint is the most success driven business training system that helps ordinary people start and grow their own lending business. We have helped hundreds of people get rid of their 9 to 5 jobs and many people created a 7 Figure business through our Blueprint.

Does Business Lending Blueprint Cost anything to start?

Yes. Enrollment into the Blueprint requires up front payment. But we do have payment and financing options. You can actually start your own business for less than $1000 with BLB. Others charge more than $25,000 with 1/10th of what we offer and the results we help our members get. All details of the cost is outlined in this free training;

What kind of support do I get?

We love this question. Not only you get access to our U.S. based customer service through email, zoom, and phone calls,

You also get your own coach assigned to you (yes we mean it), whom you can have weekly one-on-one zoom calls with. No revenue split or commission payment to your coach. It’s all yours.

Also Oz Konar, himself, does weekly Q and A calls every Thursday. So you get to be a part of this amazing community.

Our private fb group is what every member talks about. That’s where you get access to 100s of like-minded people, get your inspiration and build lifetime relationships with members and lenders.

You also get access to a board of mentors who can work on your deals and who can work with you to close deals.

You don’t get all of this anywhere else.

Are there any additional fees or up-sells? How much will this cost me after I sign up?

There are no additional fees or up-sells involved once you join the Business Lending Blueprint Program. However, there are regular costs involved in running your own business. The cost may be as little as $10.00 per month to as high as about $160.00 per month, depending on the tools and services you wish to use to operate your business.

Do I need to set up an LLC?

An LLC is not necessary when starting out, although recommended. A new member can work with Lenders as a sole proprietor. But we got you covered. We show you how to set up your business and incorporate it in the BLB.

What kind of hardware do I need? Would I need a printer and a Fax?

The only pieces of hardware a new member will need is a cell phone/home phone, along with a PC or Laptop.

Do I need any licensing?

Alternative Business Loan Brokers are not required to have any licensing across the 50 States.

How is BLB different, and what’s unique about it?

The Business Lending Blueprint Program is not just another Guru program on the Internet. The difference is that we teach our students about an industry that has been around since the 1990s and has exponentially grown into a 3 Trillion dollar industry, according to a recent Forbes article. Our team has over 15 years of experience in this industry in all aspects regarding Product Knowledge, Lead Generation, and consultative sales. Our experience and coaching provided, coupled with your commitment, creates an unstoppable force!

Do I need to have experience in Finance for this to work?

There is no experience in the Finance industry required. This program is designed to teach newcomers how to navigate the industry.

How Big is the opportunity here?

According to a recent Forbes article, the Alternative lending industry is reaching the 3 Trillion Dollar Cap which is astronomical compared to any other industry. Students starting the Business Lending Blueprint program make an average of 15-25k within the first 30-60 days, making this opportunity not only big, but gigantic!

Is the Business Lending Blueprint for me?

This depends on the individual, and the reason behind why you are looking to build a business. Have you worked for someone else your whole life and want to build something on your own? Then the BLB is for you.

Have you looked into other entrepreneurial endeavors only to find they require a high start up fee? Then the BLB is for you since the cost to build the business is very low.

How soon after I join can I start making money?

This really comes down to the time you dedicate to this per day. Most who consistently dedicate 2-3 hours per day usually have the business fully set up in about 3 weeks tops. And then they usually see their first deal closed within the first 30-60 days.

How can you claim that this is the best business to start now?

Sure we know it might sound like an exaggerated claim to say that this is the best business to start. But we can back up our claim.

Alternative lending industry survived and had thrived through the 2008 recession and it has done the same through the pandemic. As a business loan broker, you are helping all the startups and existing businesses get access to money and capital.

What’s a sexier product than selling money?

Do I get access to lenders, or do I have to find them on my own?

There’s no need to search for your own Lenders. Within the program, we grant you access to multiple reputable lenders for over 10+ products we train you on. More importantly you get access to direct lenders with no middleman. We give you a point of contact with the lenders to work with. So either you work directly with the lenders yourself to close deals and make up 3x more commissions than working with a middleman. Or you can use our mentors to have them work the deal while you enjoy the growth of your business.

How do I generate leads?

One of the strongest parts of the BLB is the versatility on how you generate your leads and the information that covers lead generation. We teach you both paid and unpaid advertising strategies. This way you’ll be generating leads 100% online as opposed to having to do cold calling, telemarketing, or old-fashioned door knocking.

How are the classes taken? Is it in person or do I have to connect to a class at a specific time?

Once registering with the Business Lending Blueprint, you will receive login details to the course itself where you will be able to follow the Modules and work your way towards building the business. If you have questions, through the bonuses you will be able to reach the support team, talk to me through the weekly calls, and even schedule a call with your coach for any guidance, discussion of strategies, and business development in general.

Am I splitting my revenue with Business Lending Blueprint?

No way. We support you in owning your own business. So we don’t have an affiliate structure or you splitting your deals with our team, or you signing up under us so we get a piece of the pie. None of that nonsense. You get access to lenders through the reputation BLB has in the industry. You get assigned your own coach and you close deals, and you get paid directly from the lender. Simple. No gimmicks or shady stuff.

What are the interest rates of the loans?

Interests may vary widely. We have options at as little as 0% on interest if a client qualifies, to as high as 35% on interest. Since there are over 10 alternative lending products available, interests vary widely so as an effective consultant, students will have access to many products and this way have a solution for almost every situation they run into.

How do I get the website?

Once you join the program, the website will be transferred to you once you reach Module 3, and follow the instructions to start the process.

Why does BLB work?

The BLB works because we are teaching you a proven system that is backed up by 100’s of case studies, along with the backing of our support team and mentor system designed to help you get your business off the ground.

Can I pay you after I get results?

No, if you can’t take a chance on yourself, why should we?

How much time should I dedicate to this per day?

As an entrepreneur, dedicating as much time as you can to your own business is the most beneficial route. However, we understand that life is in the way. You may have a full-time job and have to run home to tend to family matters. However, results have shown that if someone can dedicate 2-3 hours per day to this, they usually see their first deal closed within the first 30-60 days.

I’ve tried other programs and didn't have any success. How do I know this will work for me?

There are many programs out there, some work, some don’t. The Business Lending Blueprint works because we aren’t teaching you anything that hasn’t been done before. This is an industry that has been around since the 1990s.

As a car engineer needs blueprints to build a car, we provide you with the Blueprint to become a top broker within the alternative lending industry.

Aside from that, we have tons of social proof (More than anyone else). Different people with different backgrounds who have been successful in this industry with the help of the blueprint program. This shows we’re not another one of those Lamborghini driving, fly-by-night “Guru’s” here to make a quick buck from you.

We also have a conditional money back guarantee if it doesn’t work out.