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Hello there, it’s Michelle Miller of Shell Capital Fund. Recording this video, as a current member of Oz’s Merchant Cash Advance. It’s a very comprehensive program, we’ll give you all the steps that you’re going to need to get going and to be successful in the business funding arena. In July of 2018, I retired from military service and was looking for nontraditional ways to generate income. The Merchant Cash Advance Blueprint info video popped up in my feed. I watched it, was impressed with what I saw, decided to make the investment.

So far, I’ve completed all the steps. I’ve established an online presence. And on LinkedIn, a business owner reached out. They own a trucking and logistics company in Arkansas, and they are interested in equipment funding. So that’s exciting to see positive results from the training and the steps that I implemented.

To anyone that is on the fence about joining, I would say the Facebook Group alone is a tremendous resource. There are peers there, our colleagues are sharing their challenges, their triumphs, the things that they’re using, the tools that they’re using in their businesses to be successful. So, that alone is worth the investment. There you have it. Go be great.

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