I funded a few deals on my own. I joined the Blueprint due to a lack of leads and minimal budget. Little did I know when joining the Blueprint I would become part of a family.”

“Hey guys, it’s Edward Jarvis here. I’m the founder of New Capital Funding, and I am also a member of Oz Konar’s Blueprint Program. I funded a few deals on my own and then I went out and I joined the Blueprint. I joined the Blueprint, due to lack of leads and minimal budget. I knew that part of his program had to do with lead generation. Little did I know, I will become part of a family.

The Blueprint Group is very helpful. Any question that I post, somebody is always willing to answer. We all help each other become successful. Since joining the Blueprint, I no longer purchase leads, and now, as you could see, I’m in my own office now, living the Boss Life.. I am actually accomplishing goals that I never even thought about chasing. If you’re not sure about signing up or not, then you’re not sure about succeeding. Make up your mind, do you want to succeed or not? There’s many programs out there, but they aren’t going to get you to where you need to be like this one.”

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