Another interview of one of the successful students Guerara Raymond. I met him, I don’t know, a couple of months ago who wanted to generate more money, but also he was one of the most skeptical people before he joined the journey.

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Oz: Hey everyone, Oz here with the MCs, successful or print? I have, I’m doing another interview of one of my successful students Guerara Raymond. I met him, I don’t know, a couple of months ago and I wanted to bring him on because he’s having great success, but also he was one of the most skeptical people before he joined the journey.

Guerara: Very, very skeptical.

Oz: I know I get questions sometimes from people, is this real? Are you real? Is this a real program type of thing? And I wanted to bring someone I knew was skeptical. I’m always kind of going through his mind, so Guerara, great to have you man. Welcome.

Guerara: Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate that. Thank you very much.

Oz:Yeah. The first question is, so what was going through your mind? And obviously you found me online and we’re going through it and you did a couple of back and forth dance without joining. So for those who are like you and rightfully so, right? This is online and you don’t, you know, you can’t really tell what’s real and what’s not. And at some point you got to make a leap of faith, but in your mind, what was going through that that your suspicions were, and if we can talk about it?

Guerara: basically, I’m not going to lie to you. I thought this was a scam. My number one thing was like, man, Is Oz Konar Scam?. He’s just trying to take my money. And after like weeks and back and forth of debating with myself and I just told myself, I said, you know what? Let me just give this a chance and let’s see what happens. You know it’s not going to hurt. I took that leap of faith and then I just said, let’s go do it. Let’s see what’s, what’s this program about?

Oz:And I, at some point, I think I was pretty harsh on you. I’m like, dude, come on.

Guerara:Yeah, you were all, you were pretty much, you’re like, man, are you going to do it or you’re not going to do? Why you debating? I was just, I don’t know. I don’t know.

Oz:Yeah, and I tell people on the phone sometimes like they’re like, I don’t know. I want, I want to see if this is real or not. And I tell him, listen, how are you going to find out if this is real or not like you, you, I have the entire YouTube channel. So you watch it. I have the webinar and you got me on the phone and then what else? I mean there nothing else I can do too and I’m not here to convince anyone. It’s just you can’t run a business with zero risk. Right. At some point you got to tell yourself, listen, I got to do this or I’m not going to do this. Either way is fine, but it’s just the area in between that gray area that’s just, you know, it’s a lot of lot. It’s painful, right? I mean you, you, you going back and forth, you can make a decision. You know, the, the part of that indecision is like the most painful part because you’re like, you’re frozen, you’re paralyzed. You can’t really do anything if you decide no. All right, you’re free. You can just go do whatever you want or yes. Then you, you’ve done the yes part, which is, which is great. So how did you find out about my original, do you remember?

Guerara:Basically I was just, one day I was just on YouTube and I was just looking for something to do to generate more money. I was just on YouTube just sitting there and then I seen your videos and I just looked it up and I just watched all your videos and like, what do you doing? What merchant cash advances? I never knew what it was. I didn’t know anything about this and I was just like, wow. I was just amazing how I seen people on there, how they were saying that your program helped them out. And I was just like, you know what? Let me just check it out. Let me check all the videos out. And that’s how everything started.

Oz:So what led you to that search or what was going on in your life that you decided that you take, you need to take more control of your life and your finance and things like that.

Guerara:I just, I was just looking for a change, you know, just looking for something, better. You’re just trying to increase my income and just what I want to be financially free from, she said of going and having a nine to five job. I just want to have my financial freedom and see if I could just do some type of work from home and work for myself. Working for people suck.

Oz:How long ago was that? Since you sign up? Not the initial and the size and the sphere, but once you joined the program, how long has it been?

Guerara:It’s only been a month. I signed up, yes. I signed up in September seventh, I signed up September seventh. September seventh I signed up and I made my first deal October 14th. Something like that.

Oz:Yeah, I think so. That’s when I saw the, on our Facebook group page that you posted your first deal, so let’s talk about it. How did you find that deal?

Guerara:To be honest, I got the deal from my mom. She was at a restaurant and she was at a Caribbean restaurant and basically she overheard the manager or the owner saying that, man, I need, I need some upgrade this and you know, my place is looking like kind of bad. And so she just took the initiative and she told the guy about me, what I do, and he initially called me the next day and we just started talking and the next minute later I told them what I do, how I can get him the funding, and then next minute later he was just so desperate that he just gave me an information. He literally, yeah, I was just like, Whoa, this is crazy. Yeah. It was just like, are you kidding me? And then everything went from there. I was surprised. I was like, this is awesome.

Oz:And this is like the perfect example, organic marketing, right? When you commit to something and share with people around you, whatever it is that you do, then like your mom figured it out. Then she overheard the conversation and boom, you’ve got to lead like that. You funded that, which was like, I guess your first leap,

Guerara:you know my very, first leap. I funded him $11,250. 900

Oz:Now how much commission did you make out of that? no. Right? Yeah, so probably the easiest money you made, right?

Guerara:Yeah, I mean, like I said before, I just followed what you told me to do and then I just helped him out and then I worked with one of the great lenders for one of the companies. They were really awesome people and it went through just like that. I funded him on, everything happened on Friday and then we have Friday. That weekend it was Friday. Then after that, everything happened on Monday. Then I got my, I got paid on Wednesday.

Oz:All right, so within three business days or so you got paid on a deal?


Oz:I’m in person or was everything on the phone?

Guerara:Everything was through the phone on the phone and like we just emailed each other, everything, all the information was on the phone and email it and then that was it.

Oz:All right, perfect. So since then a lot has been going on. Right? So you’re, you are applying the strategies taught and right before the interview started you were, you were sharing a couple of things with me, so let’s go through that. So what’s been happening with the lead flow? You’ve been talking to a ton of people, right?

Guerara:I mean, yeah, like I’m, I’m talking to a lot, like a lot of people that has been hitting me up on LinkedIn and stuff like that and they’re asking me like they see my profile on there. Then they’re just talking to me, telling me like what they need the funding for and I’m like, I can help you. Everybody just, let’s just start doing some stuff and I can help you. And then they’re just, like I said, they’re just throwing me the information and I’m like, it’s like so much and I was in so much and I’m like, ah, okay, let’s do this. I’m just like, it’s just so overwhelming. So I’m just trying to like put everything together so I could get everything to like the lenders and stuff. But I’m just surprised at like how much people actually need help, how much they need for their business. I’m just surprised and I was just like, man,OZ was not lying. I was like crazy.

Oz:So what happens when you take the path of becoming a consultant instead of a cold caller or a telemarketer, right? Many people think that you can only build this business by hitting the phones all day long and cold calling while you, you’re pretty much working from home and they’re coming to you because you set up a good system for them to come feel comfortable that you can help them and be fair on what you’re offering. And now it’s kind of picking up the pace and you have a ton of things that’s going on and as you never going to be funding a bunch of these guys and they will be talking about you, that will bring in more referrals soon enough and by soon I don’t, I’m not talking about six months to a year. Like in a matter of a month or so, you’re going to have a ton of more stuff kind of brewing on the back end.

Oz:All while you’re doing whatever you’re doing. Right. So that’s definitely the plan and that’s why I wanted to bring you on to show people that you don’t need to have years of experience. So you don’t need to be a salesperson for the past two decades or anything like that. If you have a great product that people need, if it’s the right person, you’re ethical and you want to really help people out. I mean, you’re great listeners, so you respond to people, you truly, genuinely try to help them out. I know within our community you ask a ton of questions, like you’re not ashamed of asking questions because you know that you got, you got to learn, right? You got to answer. So those three things are really key for success. Like you can’t learn by staying quiet. Yeah, we have the amazing training, but then we have a ton of great members who jump in. Like what would you say about the community we built so far?

Guerara:I have no words to explain like everybody that anytime I need help I just ask a couple of our members and they’re quick to help us. I mean they’re quick to help me and let me know to answer this type of question, whatever a merchant um, a client asked me, I would just go back and ask them and then they’re quick to respond back to me and tell me, this is what you say to this, this is what you say to that. And personally, like I said, I have no experience in it. This is my first time doing this or I’m just surprised that whenever they tell me something to do and then I tell the client that automatic feedback and then they’re just like, okay, all right. All right, I see what you’re talking about. Let’s go ahead and move on to the next step. And I’m just surprised. This is one of the best programs I ever actually joined. No hands down. Best program.

Oz:Thank you. That’s great, it’s humbling to hear that. So that’s, that’s why I want to bring out, because it’s not just me teaching stuff or the videos of training. We do have that but, we have amazing individuals who are just out there and there is no benefit to them financially. Like you’re not paying them anything. They’re just helping each other that way you are seeing how they’re helping and once you, you know, get more deals lined up and someone asks a question, you feel almost obligated to help them out because you’re getting so much, you want to give it back. Right. So we leave created that, that environment, the ecosystem, which I’m really, really proud of, which is really great. So what’s the next thing for you moving what moving forward? Like what do you want to get to within the next 30 days?

Guerara:I want to, I don’t know, I’m just right now it was just like I said, I want to be able to help more clients. I’ll give, you know, help them get the money that they need and just keep moving on. And the better job that I do, the more referrals they’ll come to me and then I can help more people out. I just want to be able to just help as much people as I can.

Oz:Absolutely, man. That’s, that’s the plan. Sometimes that’s the best way to go. Just tackle them one by one and help them and then lease another and you look back and you say to yourself, how the heck did I just do that? And in this short amount of time, right? Constantly building on top of what you know, which is great. What would you tell someone who’s considering this but just like you were back then, they’re skeptical. What would you suggest them to do?

Guerara:Don’t be like me. You’re going to do it. Just do it. Oz knows what he’s talking about. I have no experience. I know you guys are scared. Just make the jump and just listen to us and listen to this program and you’ll be a real successful person in this.

Oz:Awesome man. I appreciate it. Anything else you want to add before I let you go? A very busy man, so I don’t want to keep you too long.

Guerara:No, hey Oz man, you’re the greatest man. That’s all I can say, man. You’re, you’re the greatest man. Thank you a lot for helping me. Like show me the way that about your program and everything. This is really awesome. I like it a lot.

Oz:Yeah. My pleasure man. I really, the reason I stay on you that long is I know that you had the passion that you really wanted to do it. Just that we’ll just initial barrier that you need to overcome. And once that happens, as you know, like within 30 days you’re, you’re killing it. A bunch of things in the pipeline. And I don’t do that to everyone. Like sometimes I’ll tell a Muslim man, I really do not want you on the training. It gets the point because now you get, you find it there. Cause there are two types of people who are skeptical. One is looking for a reason why this will not work because they want to come back saying, well this is not going to work for me. Or the other one is they’re naturally skeptical, but they really want to make it happen. And you were the second category.

Oz:You’re natural skeptical, but you were just looking for ways. How can I make sure that I can make this happen? That’s what I saw and I wanted to make sure that we bring you in so we can just, you know, have you as a, as a member, and a lot of people love you in the group already. So I appreciate it for being who you are and doing what you’re doing. And definitely great to have you in the, in the program.

Guerara:Awesome. Thanks a lot Oz, thanks a lot.

Oz:My pleasure man, great to have you, thank you so much. I appreciate your time.

Guerara:All right see you later.

Oz:Now bye bye.

Guerara:Bye bye.

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