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Hello everyone. My name is Terrence and I’m just wanting to give a testimonial today about the Business Lending Blueprint by Oz. I came across this program just like a lot of people were looking at YouTube and the video came up cross and it started, and the information just started pouring in. You hear Oz talking about some really cool products and the more I listened to it, I definitely found myself feeling an interest into this, this was a new career for me so I just wanted to listen to him and get an idea of what the business lending world was about.

That’s exactly what I did. Fast forward, a little time after that, probably about four or five days after that, I’ve decided that I wanted to go ahead and join. So I immediately signed up for it. What I can say is, I’ve had courses in the past where they taught me a few things, but a lot of stuff is on YouTube, and a lot of things you can just find just by Googling it. But I got to say that this course right here, it went into in-depth detail and it was very organized, very laid out, and it was to the point where all you had to do really is smash play and let it just flow. It really just hit a lot of common sense areas in my mind because these products are what people are using every day. We’re helping people out. We’re allowing people to grow and prosper in their business by providing them capital. I think that’s a really awesome thing.

So Oz goes into major detail. He also has a group of other like-minded individuals that are in this business that really help us to understand what this program is about. So, again, Oz, I give you a 10 out of 10 on it, just for the simple fact that you really took your time and you gave us nugget after nugget of great information, and I just really appreciate that you were very humble, very easy to listen to, and also very easy to follow. That’s, I think, one of the best things that I could say about his course is it’s so easy to follow. Anybody can do it.

If you’re not new to this business or if you are new to this business, you will find a lot of great information. I’ve heard from people that have been in this particular business that they have joined and learned a lot of stuff that they didn’t even know about. So it makes sense to really just, if you’re doing something and you’re doing it new, it’s good to have a mentor that you can follow and that you can just basically find those key acknowledgements about how to run a business and those key informational base details about it. So thank you, Oz, for everything you’ve given in this course. I look forward to learning much, much more from you in the future. Thank you. Bye-bye.

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