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– Hey everyone, this is Oz Konar. I am with one of my value members, Amir here today. He’s my guest on my channel. Hey man, how’s it going?

– I’m doing well, what about you?

– I’m doing great, thanks so much. So thank you for making yourself available. I know we’re all going through this COVID-19 crisis and I hope you and your family’s doing well.

– Thanks, same for you.

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– Thank you, appreciate it buddy. So you’ve been in our community for a couple of months, but before we get into that I personally wanna learn more about you. So what what have you been doing prior to the blueprint and how things are going and what’s your background a little bit? If you can get into that, that would be great.

– My background is in sales. I spent five years selling cars in Columbus, Ohio. Kinda got burnt out with that and was just looking for something different. I knew I didn’t wanna work for anybody anymore, I was just done with it. Went out to Georgia, excuse me, seeing something on Craigslist for you know, working from home. It was MCA, but they were targeting just the medical field. So I started working with them, no training, no anything. They just kind of, no leads nothing they just said, “you know, contact doctors offices, labs and you know, just, you know, pitch them a product.”

– How were you contacting them? Is it like telemarketing?

– Yeah, telemarketing I would go on like

– Yeah.

– And just cold call. I got a, I got a few, I hate cold calling though. I hate the cold call. I got, I got a few a few deals that way. But you know what, most of the time the doctor is actually the decision maker. So back in 2018, of August, I just decided to get on LinkedIn and I would get connected with them that way.

– Because I was going to say that if you’re gonna do cold calling like, choosing medical niche is probably the worst idea because they’re

– Yeah they’re always busy.

– Always the gate keepers right? So you have the receptionist, the ladies up front of working. Like I wouldn’t, I hate cold calling too, but I remember my first job, when I was selling to dental offices. My boss at the time said, “Hey, just call them. They’re all over the place. You’d find them on Google, just call them.” But it’s almost impossible to get through the gatekeeper. I’d rather call a restaurant on the phone than you know, a medical facility. But nonetheless, someone, we don’t, we don’t do cold calling, but, sorry, go ahead. So you were saying you’re done with that, then you move on to

– Yeah so, I moved on to LinkedIn then you know, didn’t know what was doing, but I just figured I just wanted to get in front of doctors, the decision makers. I don’t wanna get, like you said, I don’t wanna go through the gatekeeper and then accounts receivable manager or whoever I had to get to. I just wanted to get to the person that was going to say yes or no. That way I can move on. I now have about 12,000 connections. Most of them are doctors, urgent care owners, lab owners things like that, lawyers.

– And more importantly, the decision makers. You’re not dealing with the gatekeeper around LinkedIn. You’re directly connecting with the doctor, Right?

– Exactly. So fast forward a year, I signed up with the program back in August of 2019. Excuse me. And they, just learning it with you guys. As far as automation with LinkedIn and Facebook. And you know, I’ve been able to get deals.

– That’s awesome. So you were, and when you, back then when we were doing your LinkedIn, you kinda figured out your own thing, right? So without assistance, you were just sending connection requests to doctors and

– Yeah, exactly. I was starting the conversation. That’s it.

– And did it help you find any deals that way? Obviously you were connecting, but did it help the deals flow?

– Yeah, not a whole bunch because I was just shooting in the dark really.

– Right, because I mean it’s one thing to get decision maker in front of you but if you don’t really have the products or the processes, you know, streamline, it’s gonna be another level of difficulty, right? So it’s one thing, it’s of course it’s way better than telemarketing obviously. But now you have that in front of you or the question is what are you going to do with them? That becomes another challenge. Are you currently, just after you joined the blueprint, are you currently targeting medical facilities still? Or is that your niche?

– I just kinda said I wanted to help whoever I can help.

– Sure.

– And then, but I make more money in medical. I get the bigger deals in medical because of the equipment laws. Like if you get an imaging seater or something like that, some of the stuff that they lease, if they miss a lease payment, they can shut them down. Or if you get a lab, that’s making hundreds of thousands of dollars a month or a couple million dollars a month, that’s a huge deal. If they need that type of money. So yeah, I, I’d like to target them. Yeah.

– Yeah, because I, you probably, you might know that Elizabetta, one of our members who’s targeting the medical facilities already like we’re halfway into 2020 she’s over like I think $200,000 in commissions

– Wow, nice. Coming from that, and this is continuous commission for the reason that you mentioned, you’re not talking about a trucking company buying another truck. This is sometimes the MRI machine is like $2 million.

– Exactly. And like you said, they can’t just shut it down and leave. They have the reputation, it’s a medical facility. They have to make their payments. So their equipment is way more expensive. Of course you know, if you’re targeting medical industry, the sales cycle has a totally different ball game. So you gotta be ready to take your time a little more and have those connections. Build your connections in place and things like that. But that niche is just so rich and the volume stuff. Not volume in the number of deals, but volume as far as the size of the deals. The size of the deals are massively you know, are colossal. And you can make a great living doing that. That’s why I was wondering like if you’re continuing the medical train or you became more like a generalist, you know? I’ve sold to doctors for many years myself. It’s an interesting group of herd of people honestly. Like different than your traditional business owner.

– Sure.

– They’re not great business owners then, first thing. Like they’ve been

– Yeah

– Eight, 10 years of medical school. They’re really like smart on what they do, what they specialize in. But the way they do businesses, they gotta like you. They have a tight community. So once you get a deal, I remember when I got my first two deals, I ended up getting 15 deals within two days, I’m like crap.

– Wow

– In cold calling, like for two months, nothing happened. I sold it to two people. They just talk to each other. Like it’s unbelievable. It’s like I’ve sold in many different niches. Medical is like the one that works. No restaurant owner will call another restaurant owner and say, “Hey, talk to this guy.” Like it doesn’t really happen, although you would like it to happen. But doctors are like a totally different ball game. So I think you’re onto something, I highly suggest that you stay with it. But during your time, so I guess soon after you joined, you funded a bunch of deals. One of them happening to be a really, really big one.

– Yeah.

– Honestly, I did an email, it’s funny. I did an email campaign yesterday and I was talking about your deal because when you funded it I totally missed it and-

– Yeah.

– And they grew. And then you corrected me and said, “hey dude, it wasn’t actually like 6,000 something in commissions. It was like 24,000.” So can you talk about that a little?

– So the deal was actually a lab. We ended up getting him $210,000 I believe, I got eight points on it so it came out to like 16 eight. But before I negotiated anything, because it was so hard for me to, I had to chase him down. I said, Hey man, I wanna earn your business, but I wanna know that you’re invested in this and that you’re gonna respect my time. So if I do get this done, I’m gonna charge you 3% of whatever I get you. And he knew that. And he was fine with that and he respected me for just being upfront with him about it, instead of saying, “Hey, I can get it done just like everybody else.” I don’t know. Maybe I can, maybe I can’t. But if I do, it’s gonna be tough. It’s gonna be based off of the relationship that I have with these people. So we got it done, so I got the 16 eight, plus he sent me $6,300 the next day.

– Wow. That’s like 23,000.

– Yep.

– That’s, that’s clean. And I think that what you’ve done is great. And so he, you asked to be paid for your expertise, your relationships, your lenders and things like that. And I don’t think many people understand the value of that. Right? This guy would not have gotten the money if it wasn’t because of you. Like you can’t just go to Google and just you know, dump this file to anybody and hope that it’s-

– And that’s what he was finding out. He was shopping it around and nobody was getting him anything back. And so, and I just happened to keep in contact with him and I was reaching out to him at the same time he was looking for money. So I just stayed on him.

– Yeah, that’s one amazing deal, one deal. Of course, you know, you’re putting your time into it and it worked out great for you. And since then you’ve been, you’ve been closing deals. Some of them are smaller and still going on with that. And you’ve been in the community for a while. And I know I see you being active here and there and talking to the community members. So what’s your experience been with the blueprint so far, ever since you joined?

– I think it’s helped tremendously. Just having, like I said, I knew that I needed to get on LinkedIn, but I didn’t know what to do. I knew that I needed to get on Facebook, but I didn’t know what to do. So just having that, That holding my hand kinda thing while I, I execute. So I think it’s helped me a lot.

– Yeah, a hundred percent. Because if I just pull any guy from the street and tell them “what are the top online marketing platforms you can use?” I think anyone can name, Oh, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn.

– Yeah.

– Like it’s, like sometimes I come across with, they’re like, “yeah, I know LinkedIn.” I’m like, “well how have you made any money with LinkedIn?” “Oh no, but I know it’s good for marketing.” Well, knowing that it’s good for marketing doesn’t do you any good. You got to know specifics on how to use it for a specific business model to generate an opportunity

– Definitely

– to close deals Right? That’s important, but otherwise anyone can name any marketing channel to be good and yeah, it is good. You can use pretty much anything, that’s the specialized knowledge part and you’re showing your expertise in the community and for your clients as well. And I suggest that you stick with the medical field because that’s just, it’s a tough industry, but the pay off is like nothing else. That’s massive.

– Yeah.

– That’s great, that’s awesome. And I know, I don’t know if you were on the call last night on our weekly call, but we announced that we’re working with lenders who have specific lending options for people who’ve been affected by COVID-19 businesses.

– Wow

– Yeah. So we have a live webinar this coming Wednesday of course for our members only. I’m gonna blast the link out within our Facebook group and through email. So keep an eye on that one. So I’m gonna put

– Okay

– The VP of the lending institution. I mean this is the top of the company pretty much. He’s gonna do the presentation to our members only, on how everyone can take advantage of like you said earlier, normally under normal circumstances if you knock on the door of a merchant cash advance company, a lot of them will not wanna deal with a restaurant who’d been impacted by this. Right, because-

– Sure

– It’s revenue based and while if the revenue is zero, you can’t, we don’t really have much to base your decision on. So with these type of products, there’s a lot more you can do instead of just focusing on the credit score or the revenue. So I’m just trying to make all the members aware of what’s happening. So there are specific lending opportunities through private lenders that they’ve been killing it, through this process, so keep an eye on that one.

– Nice

– Anything else that you wanna add? I know you’re busy, so I don’t wanna keep you long and I really do appreciate you joining but anything else I haven’t touched on that you can recommend to our existing members and also someone who might be considering joining?

– No, I mean just to follow the the blueprint. Just follow it step by step and should be fine.

– Awesome. And I think, you know, our community speaks for itself. Like I’m-

– Sure.

– pretty sure our Facebook community is amazing, but so many members in the area and a lot of the times I hear from members, “Hey man, that alone, that piece alone was really helpful because it’s like Google. You just type in your question and someone jumps and answers it, right?

– Yeah. That and the fact that you’re involved yourself. I mean, sometimes, you’ll buy these programs or you’ll get involved and there’s not a community or, you know the person that’s created the product, like created the blueprint. You, they wouldn’t be involved in the community asking questions and being available like how you are. So

– I appreciate it.

– Thank you for that.

– Well this is, This is my baby. I’m not doing this just where, “Oh yeah, let’s sell some force.” That’s definitely not the motivation as you can see, I’m constantly in trenches with you guys to improve it. I’m on the phone with the lenders, adding new options and things like that, but that’s all how we collectively succeed. So that’s, that’s my life’s mission. But again, thanks so much unless you have anything else to share, I’m gonna let you go. I appreciate your time and help.

– All right, thank you.

– Take care now, bye bye.

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