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Hello, my name is Lena O’Day with O’Day funding and I’m a member of Oz’s blueprint program. And I wanted to make a video today to tell you about my experience with the blueprint program. I joined because I wanted to find more consistency in my business. I had been working in merchant cash advance for a while now, probably a few years, and I hadn’t had success with it the way I wanted to.

My main problems were that I was an ISO that was part time. So a lot of my deals went to brokers who took most of the fees and left me with very little. And on top of that, I didn’t know how to find good clients. Most of them were like C or D clientele and it was very hard to get quality clients that were ready to go. And in this program Oz takes the guesswork out of everything. So I’ve been through the modules now I’m almost done with the program and I can say it with 100%, he’ll walk you through every step that you need.

He tells you how to connect with lenders personally. He also tells you how to advertise in several different methods so that if one method isn’t working one month, you have other things to fall back on. And that’s very important. The automation as well as organically generation, which he shows you and teaches a very good job of doing. I’ve been following it and I do work on the side too, so it is hard to find time. But even part time I’ve been able to find two deals this week that I’m going to be submitting tonight. So I’m very proud of that and I couldn’t have done it without Oz and I just wanted to share my experience. And to anybody who is hesitant, ’cause I know it is quite a bit of money, it was a lot to take out of my budget as a mom.

But I only regret waiting this long. I’ve waited for months and you know, I really could have just saved the money a little more. And you sit around going, “Oh it’s too much. Oh it’s too much.” It’s not, it’s never too much to invest in your future. And this is a program that doesn’t take months or years to work. This works within the month. I haven’t even been a member for like four weeks yet, and I’m already getting deals. So this is worth it. It’s worth it for your family, it’s worth it for your future. And that is what I have to say and I hope I steered you in the right direction. Thank you so much for your time.

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