Willie Black




My goal in about six months is going to be, is making about $5,000 in addition to what I’m making now. That’s my goal.

How you doing? My name is Willie Black and the name of my business is a T and T Mega Corp LLC and I am part of Oz’s Blueprint program. And I’m submitting this video because I want to share my experience with those that are listening. I decided to join Oz’s Blueprint because currently I work in as an educator. And I have an entrepreneurial mindset, and I already have a business, an e-commerce business that that I have, but it’s not the same as interacting with people and that’s what I enjoy is interacting with people. I was just Googling and searching for other opportunities when I stumbled upon Oz’s Blueprint and of course it crossed my mind that this is too good to be true. It’s often the case where people are looking for get rich quick schemes and I’ve been, I’m guilty of being part of some of those network marketing schemes however you have to really be on the ground floor to benefit from those.

Oz was very genuine and very responsive to my questions and that really piqued my interest because you have people that have these click funnel videos and these webinars and when you get on the webinars and you’ve seen, and you think it’s live and it’s not, and you’re like, “Okay, well I’m trying to interact and ask questions and nobody’s responding but they want thousands of dollars for this training.” And I’m thinking, “You know what, that’s not really from me.” I’ve been through a couple of those. However, I was looking for flexibility and financial freedom eventually. I love what I do but I do have kids that are getting ready to go to college so I have to really think about planning for them. And so, it was a real strong draw to what Oz was laying down. It seemed it’s ground floor, it’s untapped industry.

People really want a quick way to make money and they don’t want to put in the work. I haven’t made any money. I’m going to begin the modules again and I’m going to give my due diligence here over the next few months. There are too many stories that are being shared on the Facebook page, the Blueprint Facebook page, with a lot of success. And so, that’s really something that I would encourage someone who’s new to explore but understand that this is not going to be something that is going to be easy to do. But I’ve been on the sidelines for about three months. I had some things going on, running for public office and stuff like that, that kind of set me back. But if you’re on the fence about joining, get off the fence.

This is not like they’re asking, Oz is asking for thousands and thousands of dollars for training. This is legitimate. This is something that if you put into practice will work. I did have my apprehensions about doing it but so far I feel real good with the training. I’m going to go through the modules again like I stated before and I’m going to put it to work. My goal in about six months is going to be, is making about $5,000 in addition to what I’m making now. That’s my goal. But in six months I can give feedback on a deeper level of what my niche is going to be and I do appreciate this opportunity. And hopefully I met the deadline so I can get into the Blueprint 2.0 so hopefully I met my limit on the video and Oz I appreciate you working with everyone and working with myself. Have a good day.