Steve Breeding




The reliability or the credibility of the individuals presented in the videos struck true to me, and helped in making my decision.

Hi, this is Steve Breeding with Keysource Funding, and a current member and student of Oz’s blueprint program. I’m a little self conscious of creating a video like this since I’ve never done one for a program, or a product, or seminar, or anything like this, but the confidence and the commitment that I have for this program is what provides the courage for me to step out of my comfort zone and provide my experience so far with Business Lending Blueprint. As you can tell, I have some notes in front of me in hopes of keeping me on target, providing some information in a clear manner, in a brief amount of time. Other than the obvious reason of generating significant income, what is my why with Business Lending Blueprint? The generated income will help provide funds and time for me to promote and grow a nonprofit I created several years ago in memory of my daughter, Deputy Sheriff Catherine Breeding.

I also have invited my sister to work with me in establishing Keysource Funding, and this will be a vehicle that will help her in the planning and generating of retirement income for her. At the time of this recording, I have gotten through the first two modules. Though I had hoped to be further along, I have run into a couple of hurdles, but I’m not discouraged by that. I’m actually more encouraged about the possibilities provided by the program. I’m looking forward to completing the course as quickly as possible, but at the same time appreciate that I’m able to advance at the pace I need to in the event that something comes up. Before joining, I had concerns, “Is this a scam? Can I trust this guy?”

“Will it really produce the way he says that it will?” I probably took a little longer than I should have in my due diligence, but I took the time that I needed to make the decision for myself, and when I made a decision it was mine, I wasn’t pressured into it, and it was made with confidence. The reliability or the credibility of the individuals presented in the videos struck true to me, and helped in making my decision, which is one of my reasons for making my video because I know you can tell I don’t do this for a living. I have not regretted at all enrolling. If I have any regrets, it’s my inability to advance maybe a little bit quicker than I had anticipated or wanted to, but it’s not a poor reflection on Business Lending Blueprint, again, a testament that they allow you to move at the pace that your life dictates.

In closing, I would say do your due diligence, maybe not as long as I did, but I think you will find a high level of credibility with the program, with Oz and with his team, and I wish you the very best success.