Kashi Shirvani




I joined the Blueprint because I wanted to make more money. I am able to relate to the content and lifestyle of this program on a personal level.

Hi everyone, my name is Kashi Shirvani. I am currently a member of Oz’s Blueprint program. I wanted to shoot a video and share my experience with the program so far. I joined the Blueprint program because I mainly wanted to make more money and hopefully have my own business, in the future. So, the sole reason for me joining the program was to be able to make more money. And I have looked into a lot of other programs and a lot of other things that are offered through web, through Craigslist, through YouTube, but Oz’s program was the one that I could really relate to, and it really got me into this. And the program, itself, is very detailed and also, you can relate to on a personal level. As an example, in module one, Oz goes into detail, in explaining to you what merchant cash advance is, but at the same time, he’s explaining to you about the potential lifestyle, and that has really got me thinking, recently, about my current lifestyle and what the potential lifestyle could be, or could I have, in future. And I’m thinking about it constantly, I tell you, every day, about this issue. And it’s just fascinating.

So, for those of you who are on the fence, who are undecided about joining the program, I tell you what, just watch a couple of videos that are interviews of a few members of the community who have had challenges and difficulties, and then now, they’re successful. At some point, I promise you, that you can relate to these videos, to these experiences, to these challenges, on a personal level. For me, I think I watched two or three videos, and I could relate a lot, to the challenges that those folks have gone through and the challenges that I have, in my own life. So, these are real people, real video, real challenges, and real success, and I’m super excited about the Blueprint version two that is coming, and I thank you all for watching.