John Ferguson




I had called my CPA to ask if he had any clients that needed funding a few days later he sent me a client that I placed a $180,000 MCA for and got a $16,000 commission. That client led to 2 others 1 with $6,000 commission and the other $9,000. I am going to use Oz’s program as a foundation for growing my business.

Hi. My name’s John Ferguson. My company name is Working Capital Source LLC. and I’ve been a member of Oz’s blueprint program since December 2018. Unfortunately, about half way through the module, my wife suddenly passed away and I had other priorities and I’m just now getting back in to finishing the modules. And I had saw Oz’s new email that said he has a new and updated blueprint program which I’m very excited, very timely for me.

Prior to that, I had called a CPA that I know and asked him if he knew anything about the MCA programs or loans and did he have any clients? And he said he would look and he called me back a couple days later and said he did have one. I worked with that client and placed a $180,000 MCA for him and made a $16,000 commission. It lead to two other leads from that one person. One was a $6,000 commission. One was a $9,000 commission.

I was astounded how cleanly and quickly we could place the MCA loans compared to the commercial loans that I had dealt, commercial real estate loans, that

I had dealt with which are complex and time consuming. This was easy.

I’m in the process now of starting and rebuilding my business. And I’m going to use Oz’s program as a foundation. Once you have a small business clientele, they need future products, which is an additional income. But more importantly, as you solve their problems, they’re happy to refer you and they’re a golden source of leads.

I plan to build my business using Oz’s system and with a long term, solid, sustainable income.