Jim Demonbreun




I was looking to work at a Merchant Cash Advance company but during research I found Oz’s program and discovered I can start my own business instead. This program is in depth and teaches the marketing skill that I need to succeed.

Hi, my name is Jim Demonbreun. I’m a member of Oz’s Success Blueprint. I haven’t finished working on the name, yet. I’m working on that. I haven’t finished my name yet. And I just wanted to shoot this video to tell you why I joined the group. I was looking at merchant cash advance and looking to go to work with a company. And when I found Oz’s training, and I sort of researched it and looked into it and found out what kind of a person he is and realized that this is in depth, and I can start my own business, any business, instead of working for somebody else, and that this would save me so much time in learning the business. Not only that, but especially the marketing skill and the marketing strategy, which I really needed help with.

So yeah, I’ve only gone through a couple modules so far, so I’m really getting started. But I’m just amazed at the content that’s in there, and the detail. So that’s really what I need.

Now, if I … And also, I’m a member of the Facebook group, the community, the Facebook community for the Success Blueprint. And I’m just impressed at the level of caring of people in the group have for each other and want to help each other. Now, if I know anybody that’s looking to start their own business, and especially in a lending business, business lending, I would tell them, “Hey, check out Oz’s course. This training is awesome. You owe it to yourself. You’ll appreciate the amount of detail, the integrity of this program. That’s just the way to go.”