Jason Cunningham


LOCATION: Vancouver, Canada


Alternative lending is becoming huge in Canada so I wanted to join because I trusted in what Oz said. I work full time so I wanted the opportunity to make some great income and work remotely.

Hey, Jason Cunningham here from Vancouver, Canada and I’m currently a member of Oz’s Blueprint program. I wanted to shoot a quick video to share my experience with the Blueprints so far. I decided to actually join the Blueprint because I believe in what Oz was saying with regards to the industry. I love the trend that this industry is going and especially in my country, Canada, we’re definitely really far behind when it comes to when you compare it to the states. But yeah, alternative lending is becoming huge in Canada and as soon as I went online to look for how to sell merchant cash advance Oz and his videos popped up. I signed up for his free webinar and loved what he had to say. Personally, I work a full time job Monday to Friday, plus I had a job on Saturday and I’ve got a wife, two small kids. Life is busy and I want the ability to make a great income, but also work remotely and I know that this is a fantastic opportunity to do that.

I’m about 70% of the way through the program now. I’ve gotten a majority of my online presence set up. I’m really just excited to flip the switch on and actually started reaching out to business owners and generating leads. But yeah, for anybody who is on the fence about joining, I mean, what do you got to lose? The guy provides a guarantee for the program. If worse comes to worse and you do need to cancel, I mean, that guarantee is there. But I also think, I mean, what else are you going to do? This is in my experience, a fantastic industry. The need is there. Conventional banks and lenders and credit unions just aren’t … They’re tightfisted. They’re not really letting the money go for the business owners and we provide a valuable service to business owners. So they get to win. The lenders get to win by getting to add assets to their books and us as brokers, we get to earn a fantastic commission. So I mean, there’s definitely value in the program, in the industry and in our role. And I think if you’re on the fence, I mean, what do you got to lose?

Put a good, sincere effort into it. Follow what Oz is teaching in the program and I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what kind of success you have. So again, Jason Cunningham here, and thanks for watching. I wish you all the best.