Glenn Matchett




I joined this program so I could make $15000 and up a month. I believe in this program because all businesses need financing today and its pretty hard to get financing. I have seen a lot of programs over the years but nothing compares to this.

Good afternoon. My name is Glenn Matchett and my business’s name is System One Financial Services, LLC. And I’m currently a member of Oz’s Blueprint Program and I wanted to shoot this video to share my experience of the Blueprint so far.

I wanted to join this program so I could make 15,000 and up per month. I’ve been working a regular job up until now. I’ve gone over the program and I have to do it more. I believe in this program because all businesses require a lot of financing and right today, it’s pretty hard to get any financing for businesses. As I say, I haven’t worked the program because I’m working a regular job, but I’m going to be finished here in probably a month or so.

Anybody considering joining the program from what I have seen so far, has been, from what I’ve seen has got a lot of good material. I’ve looked at a lot of stuff over the years and it really doesn’t compare to this. So, if you’re considering joining this program, then it’s probably a good investment. So, thanks and have a great day.