Eloy Arvizu




I recently got laid off work. This program was appealing because I learned I could start my own business and scale it the way I would like to scale it.

Hi, my name is Eli Arvizu. I am currently a member of Oz’s blueprint program and I don’t have a company name at the moment, but I’m in the process of creating everything.

I’d like to share my experience with the program so far and why I joined the program. The reason why I joined is because I recently got laid off from the company I was with and I got tired of relying on other people for work, basically. And it is the nature of the beast when you work construction.
But yeah, I wasn’t too happy about having to go out and chase my next paycheck around. And so it was really appealing to know that I could start my business from the comfort of my own home and scale it the way I wanted to scale it. And the icing on the cake for me was when Oz gave me a call and cleared any doubts that I had, answered all my questions. After that, it was a no brainer.

The program itself has exceeded my expectations so far. Not only does Oz explain how to do everything, but he tells you why you do it that way and so that it’s easy to comprehend and he gets straight to the point so that you learn fast. As fast as possible. Also, the community behind him is amazing. Everybody’s willing to help you get over any obstacle that you may come across and anybody uncertain, or thinks that this is a risk, think about what’s really a risk. Working for another company for the next 40 years and relying on a 401(k). That’s risky. Not knowing if you’re going to get laid off from working for a boss, that’s risky. This is an opportunity and if you put in the time and the effort into this program, you will be successful.