Edward Winton




I started my own business because I have made a lot of money in sales and marketing over the years and I wanted to find out if i had the ability to do it myself.

Hello, my name is Daniel Wentin with Best Banks for Small Business. I am currently a member of Oz’s Blueprint program and I just wanted to shoot a video of the experiences that I’ve had with the program so far. I started my own business simply because I’ve made a lot of money in sales and marketing over the years, and I just wanted to find out if I had the ability to do it for myself. And when purchasing a program online, your main concern is, is this stuff actually going to work or am I going to get a whole bunch of marketing gimmicks? Is it just more stuff that I have to buy? But I just want to help you put your fears aside. The Blueprint program delivers on exactly what they’re talking about. One of the things that you’ll find in merchant cash advance or any business is leads. So, they show you, and they spend the time showing you how to develop your own lead sources from Facebook to LinkedIn, things of that nature.

The second thing that they show you how to do is develop relationships with banks, because there is no sense spending all this money on marketing or developing your own marketing programs and you can’t deliver on the deals. I love developing marketing because every dime, every effort that I put into it, I’m developing my brand. It’s just like going to the gym for your business. So, I really appreciate that opportunity and the Blueprint program really steps you through that. The other thing that you’re going to find is that the program is very educational on showing you how to understand the products that you’re actually selling. From lines of credit, a merchant cash advance, a credit card stacker program, showing how to do invoice financing. So, you’re going to find that with this particular program. So, if you’re trying to make a decision on if this is the right thing to spend your money on, I would certainly, definitely give it a thumbs up. Thank you for your time.