Dex Trailer




It has been an awesome experience. I have learned all about alternative lending. The Blueprint exceeded my expectations.

Hi, my name is Dexter Trailer, and I represent Mojo Financial Group. I am currently a member of Oz, his Blueprint. I want to shoot this video just to share my experience this far. It has been an awesome experience. I’ve learned a lot about alternative lending. The reason why I decided to join, well, first of all, I stumbled upon Oz’s video strictly by accident. And I joined because it was something authentic in his voice, authentic in his facial expression. I believed every word he was saying. And after I joined, the Blueprint exceeded my expectations. I am happy with where we are at this far. We learn a lot. The training is awesome. The support from the supporting cast is dynamite. And beyond all of that, the Facebook group is tremendously helpful. If I had to talk to someone who’s on the fence about joining the Blueprint, I would ask that person to ask themselves this simple question: “Do you really want what it is that you say you want out of life?” And if you find that answer to be yes, then the Blueprint is the vehicle to get you where you’re trying to go.